Why wild-eyed?

1 :having a wild expression in the eyes
2 :consisting of or favoring extreme or visionary ideas
First Known Use: 1791 Source: Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

I think meaning two best summarizes me, consisting of or favoring extreme or visionary ideas.

When I came up with the blog title and domain name, I envisioned the meaning of wild-eyed as a person who is passionate to the point of being excited about what they are doing. I suppose that’s what is meant by visionary.

That’s me – I am passionate about my content area – history. I am a late comer to the science content area, but as this is my fourth year of teaching science. Experience has taught me well, as well as a lot of hard work and countless mistakes along the way. Finally, I have developed and learned ways to teach science passionately as the blog tagline states,

teaching from the heart with an eye on the future.

I am excited about learning and teaching. Often, I learn as much from my students as my students learn from me AND that is a fair trade.